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The worldwide distribution of

settlements, regions and geographical sites named


Studies and Photodocuments on Orange and Nassau

CID Institute Contemporary History Documents on Intercultural Growing Together

A Publication Series of the

Independent Investigation Institute CID 
Dipl. Biol. Peter Ulrich Zanger

As concept, this project is a dynamic project. 
The following descriptions will never end and never be "complete". 
The completion of absolutely all historic data won´t be possible to fullfill and course of time 
will add such a lot of new information, that the edition of the whole worlds site descriptions 
will last eternally. 
Everyone is free to participate and contribute with own images, reports and experiences to the edition of the site descriptions 
and to the vital questions 
arising from the coexistence of the inhabitants 
of the Oranges and Nassaus of the world 
with their visitors.

Montag, 1. Februar 2010


City of Orange (Departement Vaucluse)
Porte de Orange (Carpenteras / Vaucluse)
Principality of Orange (Venaissin County)


Nassau County (Hessen / Governmental District Wiesbaden)
City of Nassau (Rhineland Palatinate)
Nassau Fortress (Nassau / Rhineland Palatinate)
Nassau Nature Reserve (Rhineland Palatinate)
Oranienstein Palace (Diez / Rhineland Palatinate)
Village of Nassau (Frauenstein / Sachsen)
Nassau Oilmill (Frauenstein / Sachsen)
City of Oranienbaum (Sachsen Anhalt)
Oranienbaum Palace (Oranienbaum / Sachsen Anhalt)
City of Oranienburg (Brandenburg)
Oranienburg Palace (Oranienburg / Brandenburg)
Oranienburg Antifascist Memorial (Oranienburg / Brandenburg)
Village of Nassau (Bad Mergentheim / Baden Württemberg)
Oranier Route Highway (Germany - Netherlands)
Oranienburger Strasse (City of Berlin)
Oranienstrasse - Oranienplatz - Moritzplatz (City of Berlin)


Oranje Channel (Drenthe Province)
Oranje Church (Breda / Northern Brabant)


City of Oranmore (Galway Province)


Cape Nassau and Oranjen Islands (Novaja Semlja)
Village of Oranzherei (Astrakhan Province)

United States of America

Nassau County (Long Island / New Jersey)
Nassau Heights (Queens NY / New Jersey)
Cities "The Oranges" (Essex County / New Jersey)
City of Orange (New Jersey)
Fort Nassau (Gloucester / New Jersey)
Orange County (Goshen / New York)
City of Orange (New York)
Fort Orange (Albany / New York)
Fort Nassau (Albany / New York)
Nassau County (Amalie Island / Florida)
Nassau River (Nassau County / Florida)
Village of Nassauville (Nassau County / Florida)
Nassau Sound (Nassau County / Florida)
Nassau Wildlife Management Area (Nassau County / Florida)
Orange Park Village (Jacksonville / Florida)
Orange County (Orlando / Florida)
City of Port Orange (Volusia County / Florida)
 Orange City (Volusia County / Florida)
Orange County (Chelsea / Vermont)
City of Orange (Vermont)
City of Orange (New Hampshire)
City of Orange (Massachusetts)
City of Orange (Connecticut)
Orange County (Virginia)
City of Orange (Virginia)
Orange County (Hillsborough / North Carolina)
City of Orange (Ohio)
Orange County (Paoli / Indiana)
City of Orange (Indiana)
City of Orange (Wisconsin)
Orange County (Texas)
City of Orange (Texas)
Orange County (Santa Ana / California)
City of Orange (Orange County / California)


City of Nassau (New Providence Island)
Fort Nassau (Nassau / New Providence)


Orange Walk (Corozal District)

Lesser Antilles

City of Oranjestad (Saint Eustatius Island)
Fort Oranje (Oranjestad / Saint Eustatius)

Netherland Antilles

City of Oranjestad (Aruba Island)
Fort Nassau (Willemstadt / Curacao Island)
Fort Oranje (Kralendijk / Bonaire Island)
Oranje Bay (Bonaire Island)


Oranje Gebergte Mountains (Sipaliwini District)


Cabo Orange (Amapa State)
Cabo Orange National Park (Amapa State)
Puente Mauricio de Nassau (Recife / Pernambuco)
Fort Nassau (Recife / Pernambuco)


Cabo Nassau (Magellhan Strait / Patagonia)
Cabo Orange (Magellhan Strait / Patagonia)
Bahia de Nassau (Tierra del Fuego Province)
Bahia de Orange (Tierra del Fuego Province)


City of Oran (Wahran Province)


Guinea Bissao

Ivory Coast




City of Oranjemund (Karas Province)

South Africa

Oranje River (Northern Cape Province)
City of Oranjeville (Oranje Province)
Oranje Free State (Oranje Province)


City of Assuan (Gouvernement Aswan)
Gouvernement Assuan (Egypt)
Assuan Water Reservoir (Gouvernement Aswan)

Indian Ocean

Mauritius Island (Mascarenian Islands)


City of Orang (Assam State)
Assam State (India)


Fort Oranje (Kwandang / Celebes Island)
Fort Oranje (Ternate Island / Halmahera)
Fort Nassau (Banda Neira Island / Kepulauan Banda)
Nassau Mountains (West Irian / Papua New Guinea)
Oranje Mountains (West Irian / Papua New Guinea)
Orangerie Bay (Gulf of Papua / Papua New Guinea)


Village of O Rang (Mondulkiri Province)


Nassau Bay Swatow (Guandong Province)


City of Nasugbu (Luzon)


Nasu-Dake Mountain (Fukushima Province)


City of Orang (HamgYong-Bukto Province / North Corea)

Pacific Ocean

Nassau Island (Tokelau Archipelago / Micronesia)


City of Orange (Blue Mountains / New South Wales)
Lake Orantjugurr (Gibson Desert / Western Australia)

for better constructions
remains only the time
that future maybe will give to us.

the past we cannot change any more ...

Heraldic Shields of the `Principality of Orange` (France) and the `Nassau County` (Germany)

Flag of Nassau County (Germany)


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