Dienstag, 8. März 2016


The worldwide distribution of

settlements, regions and geographical sites named


Studies and Photodocuments on Orange and Nassau

CID Institute Contemporary History Documents on Intercultural Growing Together

A Publication Series of the

Independent Investigation Institute CID 
Dipl. Biol. Peter Ulrich Zanger

As concept, this project is a dynamic project. 
The following descriptions will never end and never be "complete". 
The completion of absolutely all historic data won´t be possible to fullfill and course of time 
will add such a lot of new information, that the edition of the whole worlds site descriptions 
will last eternally. 
Everyone is free to participate and contribute with own images, reports and experiences to the edition of the site descriptions 
and to the vital questions 
arising from the coexistence of the inhabitants 
of the Oranges and Nassaus of the world 
with their visitors.